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"The cinematography was striking, and some shots powerfully amplified

the tight quarters and intensified claustrophobic tension. 

The shoot-out scenes involving American sharpshooters and Russians are gripping.”

Review on "Hunter Killer"


"Tom is a creative force with a strong commitment to excellence.

His visual sensibility and great generosity of spirit

has elevated the work of every director I have partnered him with.

A true collaborator and artist, Tom is an enviable asset to any project. "

Producer - Helena Spring –  Feature Film "Hard To Get", Short Film "Starry Night"


"We have worked with Tom Marais for over ten years since our early days in television

and he is responsible for some of our best work!

He has a perfect eye, his lighting is brilliant -

even though you often don¹t notice it because he works incredibly well with natural light.

His work is passionate, intense and completely committed.

He is a great support for young directors, lovely to have on set

and is our first choice of DOP.

A common refrain at Quizzical Pictures is "Can we get Tom?"

Executive Producer - Harriet Gavshon – Feature Film "Lucky Specials" , "iNumberNumber"  

Executive Producer - Drama Series "Intersexions", "Tsha-Tsha", "Heartlines", "Class Act" &

Managing Director Quizzical Pictures


"Tom is an artist and a gentleman! He is as incredibly passionate as he is talented.

An incredible collaborator, his love for both people and film is hugely inspiring.

I cannot speak highly enough about Tom!"

Director & Writer - Zee Ntuli – Commercials "SA Tourism", “Glen Tea" & Feature Film “Hard To Get


"It's really refreshing to work with a cinematographer

who doesn't get carried away with the technical aspect of film production, 

and who relies on his understanding of story and how to photograph it.

Tom Marais is one such a cinematographer,

who exhibits a curiosity of character and a sensitivity for story

which in my opinion are the foundations of good filmmaking.

A director could only consider himself lucky to have a collaborator such as this on his team."

Director - Rea Rangaka – Feature Film "Lucky Specials


"Tom Marais has invested a great deal in his craft and as a result

his technical proficiency is also infused with great artistic sensitivity.

Tom also has the skill to adapt very quickly  when faced with challenging situations on set.

He creates the most stunning and memorable visual images

even within the confines of limited budgets.

What I like about Tom is that he is flexible during all stages of production.

He is also very caring and as a result has a fantastic rapport with the crew.

Although very work disciplined, he is also just such a nice guy to work with and

personally I hope to collaborate with him on many more projects in the future!"

 Producer - Junaid Ahmed - Feature Film ¨Hard To Get


"It's only on rare occasions that a director finds himself on set with a cinematographer

who is not only experienced and talented, but is also passionate about storytelling.

A cinematographer with a visual style that is both unique and exciting.

With a humility that extends far beyond the working environment

and into the story telling process itself. A cinematographer who is all about

translating the director's vision into moving pictures.

What a pleasure it is to work with Tom Marais."

Director - Norman Maake - Commercial "DSTV Diski "


"Everything Tom offers is world class and of the highest professional standards.  

I have great respect for him and his work ethic.

He is patient and kind to everyone around him, but still manages

to keep his crew alert, hardworking and diligent."

Director - Quentin Krog – Feature Film “Ballade Vir ‘n Enkeling” & Drama Series "Sterlopers S1" & Commercials "kykNET Dis Tyd"


"I have had the privilege to work with Tom for the first time in 2003

and it was the start of a relationship that I treasure

and a relationship that played a massive role in my own development as a filmmaker

and rise within the film industry.

Tom is not only a master in his field, but he is a true artist.  

He understands visual storytelling and the movement

and compositions involved to express the pace and emotion

intended by the writers and directors he works with.  

His strongest attribute is his ability to light scenes perfectly

and his extraordinary ability to manipulate light, enables him to work with any camera.  

The fact that Tom is used more than once by most directors and producers

speaks volumes to his commitment to the projects he works on

and his understanding of his position within the production team.

He is equalily able to lead as well as follow when necessary.

I would strongly recommend Tom for any production."

Producer & Writer - Sallas de Jager - Feature Films “Roepman", "Verraaiers", "Mannetjies Roux"

Director, Writer & Producer  -  Feature Films "Musiek vir die Agtergrond", "Free State"



"Tom Marais is like the first girl you ever slept with – impossible to forget!  

He continually makes me look better than I deserve.

And when Tom talks, listen, because he’s almost always right."

Director & Writer - Craig Gardner - Feature Film “My Father’s War"

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